Could you maybe do one with Taemin were there both idols and there on a show together and something happens on the show( you can make it up ). If you could do this I would be so happy!!!!

Here you go sweety! Sorry for the long delay! Hope you enjoy :)

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You and Taemin meeting on Running Man

This was a request about you and Taemin being idols on a variety show. I picked Running Man cause it’s probably my favourite and I thought it would be fun to do :)

-Admin K


“Oh! Lee Taemin! It’s Taemin from SHINee!”

You listened as your co-guest had been revealed to the running man cast.

Lee Taemin. He was a year older than you and was extremely popular in his K-pop group SHINee.

You heard Jae Suk’s voice call out.

“And the next guest is…”

You took a deep breath and walked out. You had your head and chest raised high and the brightest smile you could muster on your face.

The shocked faces of the Running Man cast amused you. All the men, except for Taemin, had their mouths ajar and stood rooted on the spot.

“Hello!” you said bowing politely and approaching them quickly.

Even Ji Hyo looked perplexed.

“Is this real?” asked the Giraffe Kwangsoo.

“This isn’t real!” replied Gary holding his face in his hands.

“Matsumoto Sora!” cried Jae Suk. “Welcome to running man!”

You said a timid thank you and just blushed as the men, and even Ji Hyo fussed over your existence.

After everyone was settled you stood beside Taemin and were asked some questions.

“How does it feel to be on Running Man?” asked Jae Suk.

You nodded and smiled “Really good. I’m a really big fan of the show and I’ve always wanted to be on it.”

“And who’s your favourite person on Running Man?”

You noticed all the men hold their breath and you couldn’t help but giggle in response.

“Kim Jong Kook.” You revealed.

Everyone sighed except for Taemin who just seemed to grin stupidly beside you.

“And how about you Taemin? How are you feeling?”

“Good, but I think everything shall be about Sora today.”

You looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows. What had he meant by that?

Jae Suk laughed. “I think you may be right Taemin!”

“What do you mean?”

The words had come out harsher than you had expected and you suddenly remembered that you were being filmed.

“It’s hard to attract attention when I’m standing beside one of the prettiest girls in Asia.”

The Running Man cast shamelessly ohhhhh’d and you covered your heated cheeks with your hands.

“Don’t worry Ji Hyo!” cried Gary. “I think you’re the prettiest!”

“You’re such a liar!” replied the only female cast member. “I saw you drooling at her a few minutes ago.”

This was certainly an unexpected start to the game.

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I was wondering if you had any requests in your inbox? I think I sent one but I'm not sure. Love the blog <3

Hello lovely anon! We have a lot, and when I mean a lot, I mean A LOT of requests in our inbox. We’ve been away for a while so it will take us a very long time to try and get to everything so I hope you don’t mind waiting.

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SHINee as puppies













EXO: link

SHINee: here

B.A.P: link

You, Jinki and the Sakura Trees

Admin K here with some fluffy, smutty Jinki action! I was at a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) recently so that’s where I came up with the idea lol. Please don’t do this in a park, it’s pretty illegal but luckily in fics you can imagine whatever you want.

You stepped lightly as you tried to avoid crushing the pretty pink petals that covered the path. They were so beautiful, you thought, and it was a shame that the trees bloomed for such a short period of time.

Spring was your favourite season, and you were glad you could visit Japan to witness the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

A dog dashed by you, chasing a ball that its owner had thrown. Its owner and many other people were having picnics under the trees with families and friends. There were sounds of laughter and a murmur of voices as the people chatted amongst themselves.

You felt silly that you were by yourself while everyone around you was enjoying the company of others. Perhaps if you weren’t in a foreign country you would feel better. You used to like walks by yourself.

But with such beautiful scenery you wished you could share the sights with someone. Your father would have enjoyed this. Every summer when you were younger he would bring you to the park and you’d both admire the blooming flowers and watch as people brought their dogs for a walk, asking every summer if you could get one of your own. He would always ruffle your hair and always say the same thing. “When you get a house of your own, then you can get a dog!”

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Are you guys ok? Please update!

We are ok anon!!! Do not be afraid!!!

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Hello beautiful, beautiful people!

I don’t think an apology is even enough for how long we’ve been away! 

As for myself I’ve just had it quite tough lately. My granny died whom I was very close to and as well I had very important exams at the same time. I know I should have kept everyone posted but I just couldn’t face coming online or writing any scenarios. BUT ALAS, all is well now and I shall try update more :)

I hope everyone is well!

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….I have that top. Jjong…wtf man?
-looks at both of you before raising her hands- Someone’s been cross-dressing, my money’s on Jongie~

Okay so writing Jongfluff! I promise! It’s just taking some time but we are back on track lovelies~ slowly but surely kekekke